Tips and Ideas for Creating a Small Kitchen Design

Flipping through the design magazines with elegant and most often large kitchen designs, one part of people have to conclude- beautiful, but it’s not for me. I have a really small kitchen. Therefore, a logical question arises, how to arrange small kitchenette (average 7 -10 m²) in order to be comfortable, stylish and optically larger?

tips and ideas for creating small kitchen design

Color and cupboard choose for small kitchen design

In small kitchen design the main condition is a minimalism in colors, patterns and furniture. When designing kitchen, it is better to give preference to single color facades, avoiding large, expressive prints and drawings. Cupboards choose should be as functional as it can be. For example, in drawers and basket systems can be placed much more belongings than in usual cupboards. As well, inside the drawers items are easier to find.

small kitchet cabinets with slidng doorssmall kitchen design with two tone combinationsmall kitchen design in white

If we are talking about colors, elegant and light look can be achieved with a white glossy material. It is one of the options to make small kitchen optically look larger and wider.

small kitchen design in bluesmall kitchen design with bordo color accentssmall kitchen design white with redsmall kitchen design brown with cream

However, this does not mean that the kitchen should be only in white, as I mentioned above, this is one of the options. In small kitchen design you shouldn’t be afraid of bright accents, which can be used in kitchen facades, appliances, wall colors as well in paintings, blinds, chairs, vases, jars, baskets, and other kitchen accessories.

Do not hide pots and pans

For small kitchen optimization, better pans, pots and jars to put down in a safe and easily accessible place. Pans and pots can be hung, while jars and baskets can be placed on the open shelves. This way you can get more space in kitchen and give a special charm to it. But do not forget, that this design requires order in everything. Otherwise, kitchen will look like mess.

small kitchen organization solutionideas how to organize pots and pans on small kitchensmall kitchen with open shelves

Compact kitchen appliances and dining tables for small kitchens

Nowadays, home appliance manufacturers offer a wide range of electronic devices, as well, small and compact, like a two-ring hobs, built-in refrigerators, freezers and small, portable electric ovens. With the benefits of technological variety can be achieved a small, but functional kitchen design.

super small kitchen design in whitevery small kitchen design for small spacefunctional kitchen design for small spacessuper small white kitchen design with fold down table

Dining tables for small kitchens

There is usually a big headache when it comes to the subject, where to put the dining table? Since space is limited, one of the best solutions are folding kitchen table. It does not interfere with daily works, but provides the space where to eat when meal is prepared and ready to enjoy. If the folding table is not really your style, can be used an alternative options- dining table sets for small spaces.

Very good solutions for this type of dining tables can be found at | small dining table sets. This kind of sets usually have rounded corners and chairs perfectly fit with the table or have a special compartment in which to store chairs thus way leaving more free space in the kitchen.

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kitchen table sets for small spacesdining set for small kitchendining set for small spacesdining table for small spacesdining table for small kitchenkitchen table for small spaces

So, what is your experience about small kitchen? Please let us know in comment section below.

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