Modern Two-Level Apartment Dominated by Light Wood

This harmonic and modern two-level apartment with a total area of 268 square meters is arranged by Russian architect/designer Lychagina Oksana (ЛЫЧАГИНА ОКСАНА). Designer has tried to create the illusion of a country house: quiet, calm, ideal for relaxing place.

Therefore, interior design is dominated by light wood: natural ash and white oak with a combination of gentle cream walls. From wood are made stairs, doors, furniture fittings and flooring.

two-level apartment interior design by Lychagina Oksana

The apartment is organized on two levels. Semantic and visual center of the apartment is a spiral staircase made of wood. Around it are formed on the first floor public rooms (kitchen, living room, dining room, office), and on the second floor – private.

The layout is very comfortable and sliding partitions create the illusion of extra space. As a result, has developed stylistically unified, light and airy space.

two-level apartments interior design

two-level apartment design

apartment design by Russian designer Lychagina Oksana

two level apartment in modern style

kitchen design

two-level apartment

bedroom design for two-level apartment

bathroom design

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