Unique Home Interior with Breathtaking Views in Cornwall, United Kingdom

Can you imagine living on a small island bearing only your house and where the only road that leads to the city is your own bridge? This time we want to show you exactly such a unique home interior with breathtaking views along the Cornish coast. Interior style is influenced by the seaside location – in colors, furnishings and textures can be found elements related to marine life.

Warm wood floor and worktops combined with pallet of inky blues, charcoal greys and neutral shades create a calming and cozy atmosphere. Looks like a great place where to relax and regain strength.

house on rock

bridge for house on rock

house dining area with lighting

dining area with white walls classic elements

modern living room with calssic elements for home on rock

unique home interior in United Kingdom

home living room in white with moder classic elements

cozy white house interior design located United Kingdom

classic house kitchen in white

classic modern bedroom in white and black

lounge area for home

modern house shower room with brick tiles

house bathroom with black brick tiles

Cornish coast views

Take a virtual tour and get closer to an unique house here:

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