Visualization for Open Plan Apartment in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

This open-plan apartment differs from others with its unusual and creative design. The place where once was the loggia was united with living room increasing the total living area up to 105 square metres. Main goal here was to gain the maximum amount of free space and thought out space zoning that has turned out in creative way. The area where used to be loggia is transformed into a something like big plywood box where now is planned dining area, but the work area is cleverly hidden behind the book shelves.

Overall can be felt Scandinavian style and tradition in a modern interpretation. Big role has given to details and originality. As well color shades chosen modern – Scandinavian white with pastel tones- creates a relaxing, while pleasant and cozy atmosphere.

open plan apartment design

open floor apartment vizualization

white kitchen design for apartment

kitchen for open plan apartment

dining area for open plan apartment

apartment interior design

open plan living room interior design in pastel tones

interior design for open plan apartment living room

apartment interior design

modern interior design for apartment

3D vizualization for modern apartment with creative design

home office vizualization for apartment

interior design 3D for living room

apartment design with creative design

walk-in closet design for apartment

laundry room design for apartment

modern bedroom interior in pastel tones

apartment bedroom in pastel tones

stylish bedroom design for apartment in Saint-Petesburg Russia

modern bedroom design for apartment

apartment bathroom 3D vizualization

bathroom design for apartment

modern bathroom vizualization for open plan apartment

shower room for apartment

toilet room with stylish wall tiles

floor plan for apartment

The author – INT2 ARCHITECTURE. Year: 2014.

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