Vivid and Colorful Interior for Bold Personality

Our attention was attracted by a very bold interior, rich with bright, crisp colors, details and texture. The building itself, as it turns out, was initially stable which in year 1960 was rebuilt as a residential by architect Cyril Mardall. The house has the two floors, on second floor which is not on pictures are located bedroom and bathroom.

It is possible that such interior may not seem quite bounding for all to live in it everyday, but one cannot deny that spend time at least once as the visitor would be very interesting. There is nothing equal nor similar. Every corner of the rooms have its own significance, each is with something unusual and attention-grabbing.



In this interior can be seen an eclectic style features and it should be noted that this is a bold design solution because used strong colors and expressive furniture. Designer has done a great job. He has managed skilfully to connect and create an unified composition of different style and color elements, could even say, the furniture and accessories, each with their own personality, he has found a way to combine them all together creating something impressive, beautiful and different as before.







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