Warm and Cozy Classic Style Interior With Purple and Pink Accents

This classic style interior was designed for a family that left the sunny Madrid in Spain to live and work in England. Despite the fact that work is based in London, the family wanted a house outside the city to enjoy nature and raise a son. Destination – Hampshire, the county on the southern coast of England which is rich in forests and seaside resorts.

Thinking about interior design, the family’s dream was to create something similar to the 17th century Georgian country house with a warm, sunny and cozy arrangement. As you might know, in England there is mostly a cold and wet climate. Therefore, as basic tones was selected soft pastel shades accented with purple, pink, aqua and green colors, creating sense of a modern interior. In turn, the antique furniture brings in a true English spirit. Excellent outcome!

color of the year 2014 interior design for living room

classic style family house interior 2014

interior design decoration for house

house interior with pink purple and aqua green accents

purple pink house interior design

pink purple aqua green interior accents

warm cozy english house interior with pink purple aqua green accents

house interior design

interior design of house in England

classic style kitchen design with purple pink accents

classic kitchen design for family house in England

classic house kitchen design

classic style kitchen interior design

classic style boys room with purple accents

house bedroom interior design with purple pink accents

classic style house bedroom with purple pink accents

classic style house furniture

bathroom classic style for family house in England

classic style house bathroom design

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