Warm and Elegant Norwegian Interior Design by Krista Hartmann

Krista Hartmann is a young interior and furniture designer working in this industry since 2003. She is a member of the Norwegian Interior Architects and Furniture Association. She has a talent combine heavy rustic style with a light modern touch, creating an elegant and cozy Norwegian interior design. Therefore this time we want to show you one of that kind of works that she has managed excellently.

This charming two level holiday house is located in Norefjell, Norway with stunning snowy mountain views outside the window. Interior is designed in rustic and modern way including so characteristic details to Norwegian climate and lifestyle as deer, fireplace, furs and many wood finishes. Everything looks so harmonious and cozy at the same time. What can be better for a holiday, right? 🙂

warm elegant norwegian interior design by Krista Hartmann

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