Weekend House Interior Design in Malibu, USA

Have you ever been in Malibu? It is a fabulously beautiful place. And what could be better than a house right by the seaside? A great place to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and relax.

This cozy weekend house is owned by a film producer and is located on the Malibu beach. Interior design is decorated in modern and vintage style with a lot of unique and interesting accessories. Each room in the house is made as separate area, but all together they form a whole, like the pieces of the puzzle. Excellent detail and soft earth-tone combination! We love it! And you?

interior design

interior design of house in Malibu

interior design

house interior design in Malibu

interior of house in Malibu

house interior design decorated in modern and vintage style

house outdoor design

house in malibu beach

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