What You Need to Know Before Choosing Wallpaper Design

what you need to know before choosing wallpaper design

Before choosing wallpaper design, colors and patterns, it is important to know how they will affect the visual appearance of the room. It is also important to find out which walls can be covered with wallpaper and which ones better to be painted, as well, which wall of the room you should choose for large pattern wallpapers. Therefore, lets look on few useful tips which will help to make the right decision depending of the space specifics.

Useful wallpaper design tips and hints

  • Wallpaper makes a room warmer and cozier, especially if the walls are not decorated with pictures and other decorative items.
  • In small rooms are not recommended to use wallpaper in a dark color or with large patterns, but light, solid color wall or wallpaper with small pattern will make room optically larger.
  • Bright furniture stand out on a dark wall background and contrariwise (img-3).
  • Wallpaper with a detailed pattern, as well as a solid color, can be the perfect background for various design things (img-4).
  • Before gluing solid-color wallpaper, it’s necessary to prepare the wall. It should be completely smooth, otherwise wallpaper will highlight any wall defects or roughness.
  • Wallpaper with large and colorful designs will become the main focus in the room and will dictate style of decorations (img-6).
  • Room with low ceilings can be visually improved by using a wallpaper with vertical stripes (img-7).

When is planned to use striped wallpaper, should take into account that vertical stripes will make the illusion of higher ceiling, but in the same time- visually narrower. So small rooms with low ceilings are recommended to use wallpaper with stripes that boundaries are merged or choose horizontal stripes which make space visually wider (img-8).

If there is a desire to highlight the wall with patterned wallpaper, then first have to find a free wall where have a little furniture. For example, the wall where the bed is positioned. Other walls can be painted or glued with wallpaper in light colors. The color tones, degree of gloss and patterns can easily and quickly create a variety of exciting and innovative design solutions. Sometimes, only a single sheet of decorative wallpaper can make an expressive result. So find the best solution for your space and decorate it with taste and elegance (img-9)!

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