christmas outdoor lightings

Aside from being one of the favorite times of the year, Christmas is truly a magical time of incomparable joy and outdoor lighted Christmas decorating has become a sure activity in all homes. Who says holiday decorating is only inside of your home? They are equally gorgeous outside too!

When it comes to outdoor Christmas decorating, nothing brings out the magic of the holidays like a dazzling display of outdoor Christmas lightings.

As the days get shorter and nights get longer, these outdoor sparkling lights provide colorful yet perfect illumination throughout your front door, landscape, patio or garden. They add a nice touch to parties and celebrations, not to mention the warm it brings to our skin and of course to our joyful hearts.

Welcome your friends and family in style as we present you the best 26 unbelievably vibrant Outdoor Christmas lighting ideas that will surely illuminate your holiday spirit, and delight your guests and neighbors!

With such a large selection of available types, styles, and colors, you’ll have an endless array of possibilities to choose from.

Make a stunning impression using Multicolor or solid colored C7 & C9 Christmas lights. You may opt to have net lights to decorate trees and gardens. It can be draped along walls for bright backdrops or hung across ceilings. Get creative with flexible rope Christmas lights to illuminate walkways or shape rope light into Christmas decor.

Some outdoor Christmas lights feature innovative icicle Christmas lights on rooflines for an elegant icy appearance.

While traditional incandescent Christmas lights are still very popular, advances in technology over the past few years have significantly improved the latest available selections. Solar LED Christmas Lights are the next generation in solar holiday decorative lighting. With no wires to attach, these super bright 60 LED or 100 LED solar party string lights can be installed very easily, anywhere you need them.

Whether you are trying to create a winter wonderland in your yard or you simply want to jazz up the exterior of your home, the right lighting is essential for a festive home. These outdoor lighting ideas can make every day feels like a holiday and a way to spread happiness!

front door garland

Front Door Christmas Garlands (Shop Now!)

led string light

Outdoor LED String Lights for Trees (Shop Now!)

led icicle lights

LED Ice Crystal Icicle Lights (Shop Now!)

plastic luminaries

White Snowflake Plastic Luminaries (Shop Now!)

mini string lights

Mini LED String Lights (Shop Now!)

polar bear christmas decoration

Polar Bear Christmas Decorations (Shop Now!)

blossom led tree

LED Cherry Blossom Tree (Shop Now!)

winchester prelit led tree

Winchester Prelit LED Christmas Tree (Shop Now!)

holiday string lights

Outdoor Holiday String Lights (Shop Now!)

christmas lights

LED Holiday Lightings (Shop Now!)

c7 christmas lights

C7 Christmas Lights (Shop Now!)

70 led icicle lights

70 LED Icicle Lights (Shop Now!)

coloured light bulbs

C7 & C9 Christmas Lights (Shop Now!)

outdoor led string lights

110-Light Outdoor LED String Lights (Shop Now!)

sleigh christmas decoration

Lighted Sleigh Christmas Decoration (Shop Now!)

reindeer christmas decoration

Lighted Reindeer Christmas Decoration (Shop Now!)

light balls

Christmas Light Balls

christmas led projector

Outdoor Christmas LED Projector (Shop Now!)

outdoor laser projector

Christmas Outdoor Laser Projector (Shop Now!)

string christmas lights

200 String Christmas Lights (Shop Now!)

snowman christmas decoration

Lighted Snowman Christmas Decoration (Shop Now!)

led string lights

100 LED String Lights (Shop Now!)

gift box christmas decorations

Gift Box Lighted Christmas Decorations (Shop Now!)

light garland

600 Mini Light Garland Decoration (Shop Now!)

christmas lights

Patio Christmas Lights (Shop Now!)

string lights

Outdoor String Lights (Shop Now!)

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