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Christmas tree has become a symbol of the spirit of Christmas in many countries. And at this time of the year, many homes, if not all, you will find a Christmas tree with presents and lovely decorated.

While decorating a Christmas tree gives you a chance to express your creativity, it can also present multiple challenges if you have a tiny home. When space is an issue, it will be hard enough to move or even remove other furniture just to fit in a Christmas tree into a small house or condo.

With these in mind, we pull together 7 of the best alternative Christmas trees which you can use this holiday season, less your worry on space.

Whether you’re looking for something unique, bright, clean and modern, impress your friends and family this Christmas. Keep on scrolling to check out these inspiring Christmas tree alternatives for tiny rooms.

Merry Christmas Lights Wall Tree

A Christmas-light tree is as merry as an evergreen tree, just simply hang string lights in the shape of a Christmas tree and start decorating it with the ornaments of your choice to add a twinkle effect. Have it on your hallway, living room or in your child’s room.

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Festive Wall Decals Christmas Tree

When you’re trying to make a small home look festive, tree-shaped wall decals are ideal. Most sticker decals are made of vinyl, come in a large range of cheerful colors, and are easily removable. They’re even suitable for smooth surfaces like fridges, large furniture and windows. Consider using one in a tight entranceway or even as a focal point behind a sofa or on any blank wall.

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Potted Christmas tree

A potted tree is a much more environmentally friendly option than a cut tree. It can now be purchased online and decorated. Not only you get to enjoy the smell and look of a live tree, but you are also helping out the environment. There are plenty of great options, like a rosemary tree, or you can collect a handful of pine cones and place them on a pot for natural-looking tree-shaped table decorations. A gold or silver star stuck on top of each cone gives the perfect finish.

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Cardboard Christmas Tree

One more option for an alternative tree that is sustainable, yet stylish way is a Christmas tree made of 100% recycled cardboard. You can add electric lighting to make it more beautiful and glowing in the dark, or paint the tree as you like, it will be a lot of fun if you let your kids do it.

After the holidays, you can easily store it flat under the bed or whenever without using much space. Each year you use this lovely tree and you will save a tree in the forest!

cardboard tree

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Artificial Mini Christmas tree

Although it is not the best thing for the environment, an artificial mini Christmas tree is always the simplest way to add a space efficient tree to your home. They are a perfect no-maintenance tree that still has the look of a traditional Christmas tree. Some even come pre-lit to save you some decorating time.

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Hanging Christmas Ornaments

A little ingenuity can take you a long way in dressing up a tiny space. You may not have enough floor space, but you probably have a ceiling with lots of rooms. Try dangling a selection of ornaments such as rattan stars directly from the ceiling over a dining area and in front of a window or at different heights to form a tree shape. This will be an instant eye-catching tree to create a festive item.

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Do it Yourself Christmas Tree

Another unique but more intricate alternative to a traditional tree is making a handmade Christmas tree. It offers a great look to add Christmas style to your home. You can actually use any material, especially recycled stuff. Keep the stylish in you and let your creative juices flow.

These alternative Christmas trees are great for limited space, or for those who are full of holiday spirits and want more than just one tree. Enjoy our inspiring DIY Christmas tree ideas for you to dream upon this month.

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