In the comfort of your own home, there’s nothing like unwinding in a hot tub after a long day. If you know someone who enjoys these soothing waters as much as you do, consider this your go-to guide for the best hot tub gifts for the hot tub owner in 2023. Whether searching for something functional, luxurious, or whimsical, we’ve got you covered.

Towel Warmer

Give your hot tub owner the luxury of stepping out of the warm water and into a toasty towel. A towel warmer is an excellent gift, especially during those colder months. Not only do they keep your towels warm, but they also help to dry them faster, reducing mildew and musty odors.

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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Most hot tub owners will agree that their relaxation sessions are incomplete without soothing music or a favorite podcast. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker can take their relaxation to the next level. Choose a model with excellent sound quality, an extended battery life, and a robust waterproof design.

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Aromatherapy Scents

Transform the hot tub experience with the gift of aromatherapy scents. These scents come in various options, such as lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile, that help to create a spa-like atmosphere right at home. They’re designed to be safe for hot tubs and won’t harm the plumbing or alter the water chemistry.

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LED Hot Tub Lights

Turn nighttime soaks into a magical experience with LED hot tub lights. They come in various colors and modes, adding a touch of whimsy and relaxation to the hot tub experience. Make sure you choose waterproof and easy-to-install options.

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Spa Caddy

A spa caddy is a perfect hot tub companion, offering a convenient place to set drinks, snacks, or even a good book. Many caddies attach directly to the side of the hot tub and are adjustable, allowing the user to customize the caddy’s position for ultimate convenience.

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Waterproof Playing Cards

For the hot tub owners who love entertaining, a set of waterproof playing cards could be just the thing. They can enjoy a game of poker or rummy while relaxing in the hot tub, adding an element of fun to their spa sessions.

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Hot Tub Cover Lifter

A hot tub cover can be quite heavy and awkward to handle. A hot tub cover lifter simplifies removing and replacing the cover, making it a practical and thoughtful gift for any hot tub owner.

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Floating Spa Bar

A floating spa bar is an ideal gift for the host with the most. These floating trays can hold drinks and snacks, providing easy access for everyone in the tub without the need to reach over the edge or leave the water.

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Spa Pillows

For those who truly like to kick back and relax, a hot tub spa pillow could be the perfect gift. These pillows provide extra comfort and support to the neck and head, allowing for an even more relaxing hot tub experience.

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Hot Tub Maintenance Kit

A hot tub needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and ensure the water remains clean. A maintenance kit that includes testing strips, cleaning solutions, and other essential tools can be a great gift to make this task easier.

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Insulated Drink Holders

Keep beverages at the perfect temperature with insulated drink holders. These handy tools ensure that a hot drink stays hot and a cold one stays refreshingly cool. Look for versions that can be attached to the side of the tub for added convenience.

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Bathrobes and Slippers

To enhance the spa-like feel, a luxurious bathrobe, and matching slippers can be an excellent gift. Look for plush, absorbent materials that feel good against the skin and provide warmth and comfort after a soak in the hot tub.

Hot Tub Steps

Safety is crucial when it comes to hot tub use. Hot tub steps, especially non-slip ones, can help prevent accidents when entering or exiting the hot tub. This makes them a considerate and practical gift for hot tub owners of all ages.

Pool Noodles and Floats

While often associated with swimming pools, pool noodles, and other water floats can also make a hot tub experience more fun and comfortable. Look for smaller sizes that will comfortably fit into a hot tub.

Underwater Camera

For the tech-loving hot tub owner, a waterproof, underwater camera could be a hit. They can capture fun memories with friends and family in the hot tub or even take creative underwater photos and videos.

Outdoor Heater or Fire Pit

For hot tub owners in colder climates, an outdoor heater or fire pit can make the hot tub area even more comfortable and inviting. Look for a stylish design that complements their outdoor d├ęcor.

Hot Tub Umbrella or Canopy

Help the hot tub owner enjoy their spa experience regardless of the weather with a hot tub umbrella or canopy. These provide shade on hot days and some protection from rain, snow, or falling leaves.

Hot Tub Side Table

A small, sturdy side table beside the hot tub can be incredibly useful. The hot tub owner can use it to keep their towels, reading materials, snacks, or other items close at hand.

Water-Resistant Headrests

Some hot tubs come with built-in headrests, but many do not. Water-resistant headrests can be a great addition, providing comfort and support while relaxing in the tub.

Personalized Hot Tub Signs

Last but not least, consider personalized hot tub signs. These can range from fun and humorous to elegant and sophisticated. They can be a charming way to add personality to the hot tub area.


Buying a gift for a hot tub owner doesn’t have to be a daunting task. These suggestions will surely please any hot tub enthusiast and make relaxation time much more enjoyable. As always, consider the specific preferences and needs of the person you’re shopping for when choosing a gift.

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