Clear coffee table is a great solution when room has to give some breathing space. Acrylic, Lucite and glass are wonderful materials to use in a small living room, because they take up zero visual space. A bunch of solid wood and upholstered furniture can quickly make a small room feel overfilled, but clear coffee table made from acrylic or glass will simply disappear into the overall design. These tables are light, chic and elegant and can make whole interior look more interesting, because of its transparent design.

Very well will add interest and will make beautiful composition when mixed with furniture and materials made of wood, stone, linen and brick. Clear coffee table will look stunning on patterned or colorful carpets. Its one of best choices to use glass or acrylic coffee table, when you want to make carpet as main accent in living room, because they are transparent and will not cover carpet beauty. Since these coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular and can be used as great accent in different interior styles, let’s look closer at these charming glass and acrylic coffee table qualities and solutions.

Glass coffee table

At first sight glass coffee table can be easily mixed with acrylic tables. These tables both are light, clear and transparent, but still they have differences. Glass as material is more heavier than acryl. So, it is more difficult to move them when necessary from one side, but from other side glass coffee table is more resistance from scratches as acrylic. If talking about the fragility of the glass table, then tempered glass will shatter into small pebbles when broken, but acrylic will crack. Lastly, glass will maintain its clarity after several years, but plastics such as acrylic will often yellow or discolor as they age. So before you buy a glass table should think about needs and circumstances, for example, do you have small children who might accidentally break the glass table. If you have doubts about the strength of the glass coffee table, great alternative will be acrylic coffee table. Below you will find a few nice glass coffee table solutions.

Discovery coffee table from dCOR design

coffee table

Clear glass Circuit coffee table

clear coffee table

Simple and classy Creative Images International glass coffee table

glass coffee table

Sono coffee table from Moe’s Home Collection

coffee table

J&M furniture modern coffee table

modern coffee table

Tocca glass coffee table

glass coffee table

Arron square coffee table made from tempered glass

square coffee table

Arron rectangular coffee table made from tempered glass

rectangular coffee table

dCOR design clear glass coffee table

clear glass coffee table

March coffee table from dCOR design

coffee table

Sabbatical coffee table from dCOR design

coffee table

Glass coffee table set of 3

glass coffee table set

Functional glass coffee table from Creative Images International

glass coffee table

Modern rectangle shape coffee table from Creative Images International

coffee table

Sojourn clear tempered glass coffee table

glass coffee table

Kartell Usame glass table with dual function

glass table

Kartell invisible clear coffee table

clear coffee table

Acrylic coffee table

The uniqueness of this material is that although it looks like a glass, actually, it is stronger than glass and also looks much clearer than glass. Acrylic tables are usually more expensive, but major advantage of using acrylic coffee table is that the material is more impact resistant and stronger than glass. Acrylic is 4x to 8x stronger and due to this feature, the coffee tables made from this material is much safer for those households that have young children at home. Another advantage that acrylic tables are lighter than glass tables, easier to move when necessary. As well, acrylic is easily molded and formed into almost any shape, in this way you can get more interesting design tables that are available in different colors. The main disadvantages of acrylic coffee tables are that they can be easily scratched and after years can loose its color, start to yellow. Further you will find acrylic coffee table solutions.

Fox Hill Trading pure acrylic coffee table

acrylic coffee table

Wholesale interiors high quality acrylic coffee table

acrylic coffee table

Exclusive modway bolt coffee table

coffee table

As you may already notice each of these clear coffee table solutions have their own pros and cons and you can not say that one is worse or better. They each simply suit different needs. So, before you plan to buy your own clear coffee table, consider all your needs and home conditions to make most suitable and price affordable decision. Have a good luck!

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