Colorful and Playful Urban Style Interior Design

S&K INTERIORS is the mother (Shirley Strom) – daughter (Katie Marvin) design duo with over 10 years of experience in both residential and commercial properties in California, New York, Missouri and Colorado. As designers says: “We thrive on creating spaces that inspire”, and it can be seen in their works. Interior is full of colors, playfulness, elegance and bright accents.

This interior impresses with its sharp difference. Its created like of two apple halves – one part is calm, natural cappuccino color with white cornices, brown wood finish ladder, wood floor and classic style kitchen, while the other side is extravagant, playful with bright tones of furniture, rough brick walls and glassy, glossy finish furniture. It is surprisingly, how well this combination of classic and urban style looks together. Result is really bold and original.

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