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square size white convertible coffee table

When living in a cramped studio apartment or tiny space… we’re guessing you’re always on the hunt for a solution to your small space problems. Perhaps convertible coffee tables will save the day. Often termed as transforming tables, they offer multiple functions in a compact design. Aside from being a focal point to your living room, they could be transformed in and out depending on the need. They could also be two-in-one items that offer double convenience.

In this article, you will find useful types of convertible tables and their benefits. The most common are coffee tables with an expandable design. While some have flip- top features. Others have folding space saver features. Plus, there are pieces that conceal an extra storage.

Living in a small place does not mean you can’t live a comfortable life. With the use of transforming tables, no one can stop you to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

With these in mind, we’ve rounded up Top 10 Convertible Coffee Tables that work great in homes with limited space.


Lift Top Coffee Table that Converts to Dining Table

A coffee table that converts to dining table is slick in terms of styling. It has the size of a standard coffee table, having 16.1″ height and 31.5″ width. Once expanded it has a total dimension of 63″ wide and 29.1″ high. Good to hold 6 people comfortably.

This convertible table weighs only 127 lbs. It’s very lightweight, so you can push it away from your couch and then easily expand it.

Malibu top lift coffee table has a slow close absorbers mechanism inside so it doesn’t slam when you switch it back to coffee table mode. Making it easy to open and close. While the bottom base is made from metal which includes a tray inside for storage. It is available in two (2) color options: One in Dark Oak Laminate, which looks matt varnished black. The other color is in White Laminate. This one appears in glossy varnished white.

Malibu coffee table with lift top mechanism

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Expandable Coffee Table to Dining Table with Glass Top

This coffee table turns into dining table is an incredible centerpiece in any room. It features sleek curved metal legs and coated in a color matching the top. It has an adjustable height mechanism through a push button. Allows you to adjust it to one of the 7 heights available. It can be folded open or closed at any height.

Dakota coffee table very comfortably seats 6 people; 8 people occasionally. Its size and height as a coffee table are 29.38″ H x 28″ D x 41.75″ W. While as a dining table, it measures 29.38″ H x 28″ D x 73.25″ W. Under the frames are 2 hidden extension leaves, which slide out to create a glass top, for a larger table area. It also a bonus that its glass top is easier to clean and has a shiny finish.

Calligaris designs are modern space saver that opens up space in your home. At the same time providing distinct style and function.

Dakota coffee table with glass top in white

Dakota coffee to dining table with glass top

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Compact Convertible Coffee Table with Storage

With the use of the convertible coffee table with storage, you can stuff multiple functions in one small sized piece of furniture. It expands from a coffee table and lifts into a dining table. Of course, it’s interior hides storage space too. Great for small families that don’t need huge dining tables. Once open, you can host up to 4 people!

They take up very little floor space. Since the overall size is only 19.1″ H x 27.6″ W x 27.6″ D. While lift-top height is 30″. Its table top and main frame are crafted using a smooth, consistent MDF wood. While its base is made from iron for added durability and strength.

Available in 2 finishes, from Walnut to White.


convertible coffee table with storage in white


coffee table with storage with lift top

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Coffee Table to Dining Table with Easy Open Mechanism

This coffee table that converts to dining table also makes a great table to have dinner. That’s aside from creating your little home office from the comfort of your sofa.

The table can be extended, and good for 6 seating capacity. It has an air pump that automatically raises the table when the lever beneath the top is touched. Until the lever is touched again, the table continues to stay in place.

Its legs and slide are made of metal and require no assembly upon purchase. While the structure color options are: White Laminate and Dark Oak Laminate.

Size when folded: H: 15.3″, W: 43.3″, D: 23.6″.
Dimensions when open (inches): H: 29.5″, W: 47.2″, D: 43.3″.


Alex coffee table

Alex coffee table who can transform into dining table

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Magic J Convertible Coffee Dining Table

This coffee table that converts to a dining table, can double its size once extended. Simply press the button placed on the long side, to adjust the height to 7 different positions. The base is made from steel, while hardware is 100% stainless steel to prevent from rusting.

It overall dimensions are: 43″ W x 29″ D x 17.3″ H, which can work for 4-6 seats. And with just a few movements, dimension turns into 59″ W x 29″ D x 29.1″ H. Choose colors between Graphite and Glossy White.

Magic J convertible coffee dining table from Calligaris is a quality addition in any home. Whether used mainly as a coffee table, dining table, or anything between.

Magic J coffee table with metal legs in white

white coffee table with metal legs

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Convertible Coffee Table to Dining Table with Adjustable Height

Try this convertible coffee table that lifts and extends into a dining table with a folding top. It’s a brilliant design, that serves as a coffee table, a sofa desk table to full-size dining table.

This x table is a dining table which seats four comfortably. But even better, it has an adjustable x-lift mechanism. You can flatten it down, and fit in a closet or under a bed. When the table is fully extended, the width is 46″, with a full height of 30″. While as a coffee table, size is 39.5″ W x 30″ D x 15.5″ H. It is solidly constructed, but light enough (67 lbs.) to maneuver around the room. Tabletop finishes available are White, Natural & Walnut.

coffee table to dining table with adjustable height

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Transforming Coffee Table with Glass Top

Whether you are relaxing in the living room or enjoying a social gathering, this transforming coffee table is just right for you!
The extendable table is easy to set up and ships in one piece. Few movements are enough to convert this from a coffee table into a dining table. The table top is made of tempered glass, which expands to allow extra seats. While its base is made from sturdy metal.

The height of the table is adjustable, and you can easily tuck it away whenever you want. Plus it moves easily on wheels. Dimensions are; 30″ H x 34″ W x 29.92″ D.

transforming coffee table

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Height Adjustable Wood Coffee Table Expandable into Dining Table

This space-saving coffee table is the perfect pick for smaller apartments. Or when you need to host a formal meal in your living room.

This table seats up to 4 people when closed (16.63″ H x 27.63″ W x 41.38″ D). And 6 people when extended (29.25″ H x 55.13″ W x 41.38″ D). It comes fully assembled and moves quite easily because of its wheels. Wood finished choices are Matte Optic White, Wenge and Walnut.
Mascotte coffee table is a product manufactured by Calligaris. They create tables with an emphasis of shapes to give utmost functionality.
wood coffee table expandable into dining table

height adjustable coffee table

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Square Coffee Table with Lift Top

A coffee dining table is a beautiful piece of furniture great as a coffee table. Or as a full dining table for impromptu dinners, board games, and parties.

Cleo lift top coffee table has a very clean look and simple function. It can easily transform into a dining table seating 2, 4 or even 6 guests in a squeeze. You may opt to add 4-6 folding chairs to make it dining set collection. Imagine how a small lift can make a big difference in your day to day living!

Available in a variety of finishes: White Laminate to Oak Wood Veneer, paired with chrome legs.


square coffee table

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High Low Coffee / Dining Table by Calligaris

This coffee table converts to dining table is another unique creation of Calligaris. It’s a balanced combination of quality, technology, and style.

Sottosopra coffee table has a high-low mechanism that features an ash base and a curved end. Once needed, it transforms into a dining table for 6-8 guests. Just press the release button to adjust the height to 7 different positions. The top rotates and opens like a book to double the width to leave a good sized dining table.

Wood veneer top and frame available in a choice of colors between Smoke and Walnut. The coffee table measures 13.5″ H x 29.25″ W x 59.125″ L. Once fully collapsed it reaches largest size of 59.125″ L x 43.375″ W x 59.125″ H.

coffee dining table

Calligaris coffee table

coffee dining table

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