The house interior and design were created for a very large family. As the home owners like to host a lot of visitors, therefore was created several bedrooms, bathrooms and soft lounge areas where to spend leisure time. While the house was projected, it was decided that it will be long-shaped, divided into several small living areas, where each of them connects the porches with beautiful views of the river. By contrast, in the heart of the building, was left space for the kitchen, living area and dining area.

The interior is designed in rustic style combined with the classics where consistently dominates the natural green tone. Apparently, the owners wanted to feel the relaxing atmosphere which unifies with the surrounding environment. Even though the interior is a little peculiar, but it is cozy and brings a lot of positive emotions.

house exterior design

house design

rustic style house interior combined with classic

house interior design by Tracy Hickman

yellow natural green living room in rustic style

rustic interior design of house

rustic classic house interior design

classic rustic bedroom design natural green black

rustic home design with natural green

house lounge area in natural green cream

family house interior design South Carolina US

rustic style house bedroom

sunny bedroom decored rustic style

kids room rustic style

master bedroom in rustic style

rustic house bedroom design

house interior design in natural green

rustic bathroom design for house South Carolina

cozy rustic style family house design

rustic house exterior

house floor plan

House interior design created by Tracy Hickman.
The total house living area: 6,300 square meter.
Location: Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina, United States.

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