7 High-End Contemporary Designer Floor Lamps to Create a Deluxe Room

If your walls are too crowded but you still want to add lighting to a room, look no further than Floor Lamp! As the name suggests, floor lamps are not attached or hung from the wall and ceiling. They are independent, stand-alone décor and kept on the floor. One of the best attributes of a floor light lamp is that its angle can be changed to vary the illumination according to a preferred task. And since they are standing lamps, it is very easy to move it from one place to another. You can also use a variety of bulbs at different brightness as well as LED energy efficient bulbs.

Elegant, modern and stylish standing floor lamp lighting comes in numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions or lighting abilities which has given way to the arrival of designer lamps in the home interior market. Whether you are in need of an indoor or outdoor floor lighting for a large room or small, looking for something that can fit on a floor behind a couch, in need of a design specifically for reading, near a desk for writing or simply a decorative piece itself, there is always a designer light lamp that will suit your specific needs. Above all these functional purposes, while adding a great illumination to the home, certainly these modern floor lamps can add a perfect ambience to a home.

In today’s article, you can see 7 high-end modern & contemporary designer lamps that can transform your home into a deluxe room. We invite you to browse our gallery of lighting ideas from reading floor lamps, led floor lamps, adjustable floor lamps, in highly innovative designs. So let’s begin and create the perfect illumination with these fabulous designer floor lamps!


Three Dimensional (3D) Led Floor Lamp by QisDesign

This fold floor lamp has an extending and folding feature that takes up the least amount of space on a desk, living room or bedroom, without sacrificing the required lighting with the use of powerful LEDs plus a built-in mechanism that allows for 360 degree left to right rotation. Very clever design!
led floor lamp

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Modern Floor Lamp with 360 Rotatable Base by Artemide

What makes this a modern floor lamp is the added function of parallel and transversal head rotation and dimmer switch. It already includes T4 halogen bulbs upon purchase which are best for reading and other tasks because of their bright white light.
modern floor lamp

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Reading Floor Lamp in Versatile Design by Artemide

This reading floor lamp designed with an adjustable height to make your reading time, a relaxing one and its works well for both men and women (unisex design).
reading floor lamp

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Swing Armed Expensive Lamp with Solid Marble Base

It may be tagged as one expensive floor lamps but it’s all worth the features it offers: provides a lot of light as it come in 3 lights; created with a heavy marble base to keep this standing lamp stable and a swing arm that allows you to use it according to your preference.
expensive lamp

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Piano Inspired Adjustable Floor Lamp with 26 Interactive Light Keys by QisDesigns

On top of the inspiration behind this Piano Floor lamp, it has very versatile features that are fun to use; you can literally play with each of its light to create an ambiance you desire. Indeed, this adjustable floor lamp is worth buying for; the innovative design complements its function to illuminate your space in different levels.
adjustable floor lamp

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Hand-Made, Tri-Leg Base Contemporary Floor Lamp by Cerno

This contemporary floor lamp were carefully crafted by hands, and made out of sustainable materials, making it eco- friendly. Its tri-leg base provides stability on uneven surfaces and allows you to have clutter free cords.
contemporary floor lamp

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4in 1 Cone Indoor/Outdoor Floor Lamp by Pivot

Once switched on it multiplies by four, giving life to three new floor lamps with a cone-shaped base and different lighting hats. This cool floor lamp livens up all kinds of spaces, both indoors and outdoors, either for home décor or for events like wedding & parties.
indoor outdoor floor lamp

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