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Magazine Rack Table – Modern and Multifunctional Solutions

One of most known brand, that produce magazine rack table solutions and other modern furniture pieces made of plywood, is OFFI which was created thinking about great design with love. They create simple, beautiful and practical furnishings that address the modern urban lifestyle and can be used in any modern home in the world. Offi

Live Smart with Hiding Options for Convertible Coffee Table and Chairs

If there is little space in the room, then even if it is convertible coffee table, the question arises, where to store it, not to mention chairs? When it comes to Ozzio design, then everything becomes possible. Maybe you have already seen our article about convertible tables, where we show solutions of convertible coffee tables

30 Amazing Balcony Decoration Ideas

If you live in a city or suburb and you have a small balcony, it certainly comes one of your favorite places where go out for a while and enjoy the fresh air, the sun, warm summery rain or beautiful starlight nights. Thanks to balcony, even if it is small, you can enjoy the outdoor

How to Choose Kitchen Colors With a Color Wheel

About colors, it meaning, emotional impact and the usage in interior, we already have wrote in our previous articles. If you are here for the first time, below are some of them: – The Secret to Creating a Harmonious Interior Design – Quick Guide How to Use Most Popular Colors in the Interior – How

7 Gorgeous Coffee Tables Available on MADE.COM

If you are from the UK, France or Italy, you will certainly be glad to know about online brand, which allows customers obtain modern and functional furniture without additional cost directly from the manufacturer. It seems at first glance that it sounds too good to be true, however, has developed an unique system