How to Use Sunshine Yellow Color in Interior Design

sunshine yellow color living roomThe sunshine yellow color is considered to be one of the most positive colors as it is associated with the sun, blue skies, warm and enjoyable weather. But one thing should be taken in to account, as too long staying in direct sunlight is harmful, as well excessive use of yellow in interior design can result in failure. Therefore, to avoid this, let’s look at few tips how to successfully apply and combine this sunny color.

Sunshine yellow and white color

This combination is a classic that expresses elegance and sophistication. These two colors create a light and bright color mix that may be highlighted with color accents of bold green, brown, red or orange depending on the color undertones. The yellow as well can be combined with other neutral tones, such as black. But remember, that this companion creates a strong contrast and can take away the sunny mood in the room.

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Yellow and bold vivid colors

Very good combination makes sunshine yellow tone with colors like red, orange, green, blue and purple. These colors can be used as bold accents or as background. Only, should pay attention to tone scale. Colors should match because both can be warm or cool. If yellow goes warm then for, example, orange as well should be warm, otherwise they will not look well together. Warm tones should be in pair with warm, cool goes with cool.

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yellow with purple living room interiorpurple color desk with yellow wall accentyellow with pink interior

Variations of sunny yellow

Choosing yellow color, take into account that not all colors are sunny, so not all shades will make the room warm and sunshine. For example, mustard yellow shades are not associated with the sun, on the contrary, creates Autumn mood and feeling of cloudy days. Therefore, choose color combinations carefully thinking about what effect you want to achieve? If you want to maintain sunny and summery mood in the room, chose combination with white or chose warm tones with some contrasting accents like blue, green, purple, black or gray.

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living room interior with yellow curtainsmustard yellow interior for living roomyellow with white interior design

Good results can be achieved using a yellow color in variety of decors, for example, cushions, lampshades, paintings, curtains, floor mats, etc. Also, a bouquet of flowers as a little ray of sunshine can brighten up the living room.

yellow color windowsyellow flowers in living room

How yellow color affects our mood

Yellow tone evokes positivism, joy and creativity. It warms up and is very cheerful color. As well it symbolizes strength, power and vibrancy. Strengthens physical strength and develop thinking. Its intensive use can lead to tiredness and excessive worry.

Sunshine yellow color itself is dominant. Therefore, intensive use of bright yellow walls can result in adverse effects like anxiety or depressive mood. Recommended to choose wall color based on cream shades or some other soft tone and decorate with yellow accents.

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Useful tip

When to go to the store and make the final selection of a particular shade, keep in mind, that color can differ from sample. On wall it will be darker than on the palette, therefore choose at least one shade lighter.

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