Cozy and Harmonious Interior Design in Grey Color Shades

This tasteful and cozy apartment with open-plan layout is a great example of how using a gray palette can create a modern, harmonious and warm interior design. When choosing gray color shades, important role which should be taken into account is dimensions of the room, appropriate lighting and accents. There is many examples where gray shades in interior is used in wrong way and has achieved completely the opposite effect. It has become gloomy and cold. At a forthcoming article, we will show an example where the color is worked contrary to the desired result and will try to find the root causes.

Continuing on the interior, wall lighting attracts attention, which is used both- like day and night lighting. As well, built-in ceiling lights help to bring more light in the room. As the result has been achieved warm lighting throughout the room, not too bright nor too dim. Thanks to these lightings even on cloudy days in premises will be pleasant and cozy to stay. It should be noted that it is well thought out accessories and accents that bring to life the interior making it binding and contemporary.







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