Life in Super Small Apartment – 182 sq ft (+VIDEO)

Probably, for most people this might sound crazy, but in this super small apartment with a total area of only 17 m2 has the everything you need for everyday life. Steve Sauer, who is an engineer and a designer of airplane interiors at Boeing, spent almost 10 years to arrange this place located in one of the apartment buildings in Seattle, USA. Steve has managed to use rationally every square meter to maintain functional and comfortable residential environment. In this tiny space was able to place a small kitchen, shower, bath, lounge area with TV and two sleeping areas.

Because the apartment is very small and specific, then all furnishings was made individually. In this context, was used IKEA as material resource and then was made more functional solutions. It cannot be denied, the result is surprisingly well and believed the economic for daily living. Check out the video below.


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