In this beautiful living room design we can see spring 2013 color trends. Very gentle and feminine interior in which main role plays a variety of bright accents and accessories. The whole composition makes room expressive and gives to it individuality. The spacious windows bring in a lot of daylight, which perfectly blend with soft colors and makes a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

The author: Aly’s Beach.

living room design

Our comment:

Personally, we really liked the idea of colorful  accents in this interior. In our opinion this is one of the most successful examples how to use bright decorations in practice. In addition, do not always need to paint the walls or buy furniture in bright colors and use them as dominant color. There is always option to choose soft color shades as dominant and decorate with a variety of bright accessories, such as coral lamp, colorful pillows, blankets, carpets, curtains, vases and other decorations. And one more thing- they can be easily replaced, whenever there is a wish to refresh the interior.

living room design

living room coral

interior decorations living room

living room colours

living room design

feminine living room design

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spring interior design

spring interior design

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