Cozy Loft Apartment Decorated with Colorful and Bright Accents

This colorful and cozy loft apartment is located in Sweden with a total living area of 136 square meters. It’s designed in a modern style with classic accents. Designers have used a lot of decorations, bright colors and original furniture to highlight and brighten an interior. To make a contrast, the walls are colored in neutral white, which harmonizes very well with dark wooden beams.

The loft has an open floor plan that visually creates an optical illusion. As a result, it looks even wider. Overall, designers have created a lively and vibrant apartment interior design that looks like an art work. In one word, a harmonious place where to live and obtain inspiration.

loft apartment sweden

loft apartment 136 m2

open loft floor plan design

open floor plan loft

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loft apartment

loft apartment sweden

loft bedroom interior design

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swedish loft interior design with bright accents

bathroom interior design

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