Lovely Rustic Garden Mini-House Design in Austin, TX

To have a great time in nature at the hottest summer time, one of the best options is to build a garden mini house, of course, if we don’t talking about large family. Little cottage provides many wonderful benefits – it takes up little space, it has a relatively low construction and maintenance costs, do not require planning permission and so on. Despite the relatively small living area, there can be compactly installed all the necessary for everyday life to feel cozy and comfortable.

This very small but lovely multi-purpose outbuilding is decorated in rustic style with a living area of 140 sq / ft. Made of high quality natural materials, mainly wood. I have to say, that the most wonderful thing that I like about this house is that it can be anything – office, studio, playroom, guest house, retreat, “Walden Pond Hut”, garden shed, writing room – your choice. Designed by a small company called “Red River Restorations“, that since the 2003rd year deal with woodworking and custom outbuildings like this one. Is it not a great solution?

lovely rustic garden mini house design in Austin TX


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lovely rustic garden mini house design in Austin TX


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