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14 Low Bunk Beds Solutions for Low Ceilings

Low ceilings often make homes feel cramped, especially when longing for a comfortable room for a restful, good night’s sleep. If your space is not tall, you can focus on its horizontal elements and add things that will put emphasize the horizontal aspect of the room. Perhaps you would like to consider having low bunk

Magazine Rack Table – Modern and Multifunctional Solutions

One of most known brand, that produce magazine rack table solutions and other modern furniture pieces made of plywood, is OFFI which was created thinking about great design with love. They create simple, beautiful and practical furnishings that address the modern urban lifestyle and can be used in any modern home in the world. Offi

10 Smart and Functional Convertible Coffee Table to Dining Solutions

In previous article we looked at the different types of transformable tables like coffee tables that transform into full dining, converts to desk and small, compact tables that transform into impressive dining tables. This time lets look closer to the convertible coffee table solutions that turn into a full dining tables. Nowadays, this type of

Live Smart with Hiding Options for Convertible Coffee Table and Chairs

If there is little space in the room, then even if it is convertible coffee table, the question arises, where to store it, not to mention chairs? When it comes to Ozzio design, then everything becomes possible. Maybe you have already seen our article about convertible tables, where we show solutions of convertible coffee tables

Tiny Studio Apartment with the Space Saving Bed Solution

This tiny studio apartment grab our attention thanks to it fantastically well organised layout. It is really small apartment where in the same room has been found place for kitchen, living space, bed and work desk. However, the greatest attention was attracted by the bed solution. Maybe, you are already familiar with the Murphy bed

16 Functional Small Sofa Beds Solutions for Small Spaces

This idea of small sofa beds collection begin when I searched sofa bed solutions for small two-room apartment. I realized that there is a lot of sofa options and not everyone is really as small as promised 🙂 That’s why I decided to share with you what I have found interesting, useful and worthy of