Urban Loft Style Apartment for Big Family in New York City

This urban loft style apartment is located in Manhattan, New York, it has a large total living space and unlike an average apartment, it also has a second floor with wide-open living room just like a banquet hall. Can you feel the positive atmosphere of the apartment? It’s mainly because of bright wall colors and wide windows, that brings in a lot of natural daylight in all rooms.

Interior designers have tried to keep the heritage of the 19th century building- brick walls, window panes and wooden beams, but the rest of interior decor is designed with imagination and creativity, making the interior interesting for people of different generations.

urban style apartment design New York

urban style interior design

urban style apartment with brick walls

urban style apartment interior with brick and wood

modern kitchen designed urban style with brick wall

urban style kitchen with wood and brick

urban style kitchen design

brick wall interior

brick walls in urban style apartment

brick walls kids room

urban style kids room for girl with brick walls

urban style kids room

modern kids room witch brick walls

urban style kids room for boy with brick walls

stylish kids room for boy in urban style

urban style kids room with brick walls

white bedroom with brick wall for apartment in NY

urban style bedroom with wood and brick

brick wall in urban style bedroom

modern bathroom urban style with white tiles

urban style bathroom with brick walls

bathroom interior with brick wall


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